Write1Sub1 Here We Go!

Today I joined a growing list of writers who have committed to a “Write 1 Sub 1” plan for 2011. This means that each of us is going to write one short story per week, and submit one story per week for publication.

This is a very ambitious undertaking for a slow, lazy writer like myself. I started writing fiction in the summer of ’10 and have only finished a dozen stories or so. There is another half dozen that are “almost done” or “not quite good enough” – but I would not count them toward something like the Write 1 challenge. I joined in precisely because it’s going to be difficult. Keeping up with this pace of writing and submissions will keep me working hard at the craft of writing and, hopefully, allow me to become better at it.

Does this mean you will see 52 of my stories published in 2011? Heck no. If I manage to make 10 sales in 2011, I will be ecstatic. In fact, might as well go ahead and make that a personal goal for next year.

Write1Sub1 offers a tiny way to reduce the pressure a little, and that is to include micro fiction (Twitter-length stories, stories of exactly 100 words and other bite-sized tales) into the running total. If I start falling behind, I may also cheat a little and occasionally count my non-fiction articles toward the running total (as long as they are sold to a solid, paying market).

For those who might contemplate joining in the fun, the official web site of the project is here. There is also a great support thread at Absolute Write for anyone seeking camaraderie and motivation.

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