Introducing: The Hook

The Hook is a guest post feature on this blog that will help promote other authors’ latest science fiction and fantasy books. Optimally each of these will be posted on the book’s release date.

Each post will open with a very short (up to 200 words) quote form the opening of the novel, followed by the author’s brief post consisting of two parts:

1) Elevator pitch — A paragraph or so talking about the book; what is it about, why is it awesome, etc.

2) The Hook — The author will explain why you they chose that specific scene/those specific lines as the opener. What makes it a great hook that will stick with the readers, and what makes it the right place to begin their story?

It is my belief that such posts will be both interesting to the readers and instructive to fellow writers.

I already have a number of authors lined up and will reach out directly to others on my radar whose books I’d like to bring to attention of this blog’s readers.  If you are an author who would like to participate, please have your publicist contact me. Self-published books will occasionally be featured, but those slots will be available by invitation only.



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