LI-Con 2013


I’m a guest at the fledgling LI-Con this year. All of my panels and the reading are tomorrow, but I stopped in today to check out the con and visit with friends. The convention is very compact but friendly, and all the panels I visited were well-attended. I look forward to speaking rather than just listening tomorrow. To that end, here’s my schedule:

Sunday, March 30:

10am – Salon D – My Inspirations – A. Shvartsman, K. DeCandido, R. Mauritsen, J. Nye, B. Fawcett
11am – Room 469 – Reading and signing
3pm – Salon E – An Alien Abducted My Homework – A. Belilovsky, A. Shvartsman
4pm – Salon C – Translator, Traitor: Translating Fiction – A. Belilovsky, A. Shvartsman, B. Fawcett

Details and directions to LI-Con can be found here.



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