My LunaCon 2014 Schedule


I’ll be attending LunaCon this Saturday and Sunday. I have a reading, a signing, and a bunch of panels. Please say hello if you see me at the con!

Saturday, 10amThe Real Cost and Problems of Self-Publishing
How do you plan, budget, publish, promote, and budget your time, all while trying to survive and have a real life?
Elijah Budd
Panelists: David Walton, Bianca D’Arc, Mikaela Barreee, Alex Shvartsman, April Grey, Marc Abbott

Saturday, 5pm
Help the Writers of the Weird Finish This Story
“I knew the dame was trouble when she slithered into my office” was the opening of a Round Robin story started several years ago on the private Google Group of the Writers of the Weird. See what happened next and help wrap things up.
Panelists: Philip de Parto, David Sklar, Alex Shvartsman, Sarah Avery

Saturday, 6:30pm
Reading – Alex Shvartsman
Seymore Boton

Sunday, 10am
That’s really funny!
What’s the difference between a humorous story and a standard action-adventure tale? Are there differences in tone and structure between the two?
Port Chester
Panelists: Carol Pinchefsky, William Freedman, Dan Kimmel, Alex Shvartsman, Steven Savicki

Sunday, 11am
The Resurgence of Short(er) Story
So many collections, print and online magazines and other outlets — Is this a fad? Or, do readers really like short fiction again?Poplar
Panelists: Barbara Krasnoff, Neil Clarke, Sheila Williams, Alex Shvartsman, James Chambers, Ken Altabef

Sunday, 12pm
Westchester Assembly
April Grey, Sarah Avery, Alex Shvartsman

Sunday, 1pm
Writing Groups and Professional Association
Writing groups? Professional Associations? Secret Society? SFWA, HWA, MWA, the Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers and ____. All are writing organizations, either local or international. Do they really serve a purpose in our writing lives or are they another distraction from writing? Writers discuss their experiences.
William Odelle
Panelists: Matthew Kressel, Alex Shvartsman, Neil Levine, David Mercurio Rivera,  Bianca D’Arc,  Sarah Avery.


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