Things I’m Geeking Out About Today

This is not, strictly speaking, a writing-related post, but there are lots of cool pop-culture news I found out about today that make me smile, and I figured many of my readers would enjoy them, too:

Simpsons / Family Guy Crossover

FOX announced that they will air a Family Guy episode in Fall 2014 where the Simpsons are going to meet the Griffins.  The only thing that’s not awesome about that? Waiting over a year to see it!

Ain’t it Cool News is one of the many sites that has details as well as some videos for you to peruse.

Name of the Wind TV Series

The popularity of HBO’s Game of Thrones is already paying off dividends for the rest of us. 20th Century Fox will produce a TV series based on Patrick Rothfuss’ epic novel series.  I’m still waiting on HBO’s adaptation of “American Gods” as well, but this is definitely another one of those must-try shows for me, and yay for more epic fantasy coming to prime time. has the news.

Firefly MMO

Firefly MMO social role playing game has been announced, and they’re already taking sign-ups.


As a certified, card-carrying fanboy, I’m very pleased with all of these developments. More days like this one, please!



On a completely unrelated note, Daily Science Fiction launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday. They publish a ton of excellent material and all of it is available online for free. They also pay their authirs very competitive rates, respond to submissions promptly, and treat writers the way every market should. Please consider supporting them, and you can even get physical books of their stories as a reward. I own the Year 1 book and it’s enormous!

Click here to view their Kickstarter campaign.



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