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Not so long ago, self-publishing was a dirty word. It was seen by many as the last resort of the untalented, the cop-out for anyone with a few hundred spare bucks to print vanity copies of their boring autobiographies. Not anymore. The Internet is changing this, just like it’s changing the entire publishing business. Increasingly, authors are making their work available as inexpensive downloads on sites like Amazon.com, Smashwords.com and a plethora of others.

David Gaughran has championed the digital publishing model as much as anyone. He released several of his own short stories on Amazon and has shared the results on his blog. This week he published “Let’s Get Digital” – a book that not only lays out his views on the advantages of digital self-publishing, but also serves as the how-to manual on everything from preparing your manuscript, to cover design, to promoting your book. One might consider “Let’s Get Digital” yet another among many “this is how to make money on the Internet” manuals written mostly to make money for their authors. Except that David is giving his book away for free.

You can buy “Let’s Get Digital” on Amazon and other such sites, but you can also download a free PDF on David’s web site. Anyone who is considering self-publishing their novel/short story/boring autobiography would benefit from checking it out. You should, of course, buy a copy or make use of the PayPal “Donate” button if you do find the book useful.

Personally I’ve given it some thought and I’m not ready to try and bypass the establishment. There’s an immense amount of satisfaction in having an editor pluck your story from the slush pile and select it for publication. Even so, I’ve been accumulating some publication credits and sometime in the future I’d definitely consider collecting and releasing them as an eBook anthology. And when I’m ready to do that, I’ll pay careful attention to the advice offered in “Let’s Get Digtial.”

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