July issue of Bards & Sages Quarterly now available

The July issue of BSQ is out. It contains my flash fantasy story "Superior Firepower." This is the first published story of mine that can’t be read for free on the web – you have to actually buy the issue, which you can do over here on Amazon.com, or get a much less expensive eBook version over here at Smashwords. And while I’m sure you will gladly fork over a few bucks to read "Superior Firepower" there are plenty of other cool stories to make this issue worth buying, including fiction by my fellow W1S1 writers James Milo Fowler and Samuel "Izz" Mae.

Speaking of Sam Mae, he recently launched his own speculative fiction magazine called Comets and Criminals. The first issue isn’t due out till January 2012, but Sam is now reading submissions and I encourage fellow spec fic authors to send him your work.

In a few days another short story of mine called "Pel’s Crusade" will be published in the July issue of Golden Visions magazine. I’ll post a link when that happens.


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