And Then There Were Two

Just got an e-mail from editors over at Every Day Fiction letting me know that they have accepted “Good Advice” for publication on their site (a specific date to be determined) – and so the goal of two stories in 2010 has been accomplished ahead of schedule!

I wrote “Good Advice” in June and submitted it to Daily Science Fiction, which was just being established at the time (it began publication on September 1st). It seemed like an exciting project that I wanted to be a part of. They passed on “Good Advice” a few weeks later, but said it was a tough call in the rejection letter. I don’t know if it was actually a tough call, or if they were just being nice to me, but I was encouraged by this response and have since submitted three more stories to them. Two were quickly rejected (without any “tough call” claims) and the third is in their hands now, so I have my fingers crossed.

Meantime I was reading a lot of online magazines, to see what short fiction is out there, and to figure out where I want to send my submissions. Every Day Fiction stood out as I enjoyed much of what I was reading there, so I sent in “Good Advice” to them in mid-August, and the second time turned out to be the charm, in this case.

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